After two fantastic and exciting years in Chicago and our first ever event in Atlanta late last year, our US Cyber Security event series will be using 2019 as an investment and R&D year.  The teams at Cyber Security Chicago and Cyber Security Atlanta will spend this time in deep research mode, analysing the changing market and consulting with cyber security teams, analysts, vendors and researchers across the USA with a roadmap of launching an evolved proposition in 2020.

The world of cyber security is changing at an ever faster rate and there is no doubt that securing our new hyper connected world whilst supporting privacy/compliance is increasing in both its complexity and importance. With this in mind, we want to invest more resources in to developing a next generation event, built from the ground up to support businesses in this sensational new world.

As part of our research, we’ll be working with our speakers, visitors, partners and exhibitors to build the perfect event experience and would love to hear from you if you want to become part of our steering committee. In the meantime, we will be producing a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on latest industry developments and the details of our future shows,

We’ll be back soon.

The Cyber Security Team

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Invaluable Cyber Security Insight
Cyber Security X Atlanta offers invaluable security insight from some of the world's greatest speakers.  
It's all about you!
At Cyber Security X Atlanta, we understand that everyone's needs are different. You can build your own personal seminar agenda. 
Gain CPE Credits
You are able to claim CPE credits by attending education sessions and workshops at Cyber Security X Atlanta.
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Join the conversations - Cyber Security X Atlanta brings together thousands of cyber security professionals allowing you to overcome security challenges.

Industry Insight

Odds of a Cyber Attack Compared
Odds of a Cyber Attack Compared

The rapid advancement of technology and growing capabilities of the internet has brought us to a much more sophisticated level across different areas: healthcare, business and even our own homes. We’re constantly connected through things like advanced cloud file storage at work to intelligent home assistants in our kitchens. One of the unfortunate trade-offs with our progress includes increased security risks. These connections give hackers more opportunities to invade our privacy and steal our information.

7 notable hacks or breaches in 2018 so far...
7 notable hacks or breaches in 2018 so far...

It is fair to say that 2018 has seen a huge amount of cases where both well-known and not so well known brands have seen data breaches that have raised serious questions. With the introduction of GDPR back in May this trend will only continue to rise. This is why you should ensure you don’t miss Kevin Mitnick's session on Wednesday 17 October at Cyber Security Atlanta 2018 .

Kevin knows better than most what motivates those on the other side of the ethical hacking fence and equipped with his white hacker hat, he will illustrate the latest threats and risks most people don’t even know exist.

Are you prepared to defend your network?
Are you prepared to defend your network?

Just as employees expect to work in a physically safe space, they also expect that their digital work is taking place on a secure network. They want to feel that their hard work crunching company data will be protected from hackers seeking to steal or manipulate the information, and they want to be able to trust that the files they receive from their coworkers are safe. IS professionals are the knights tasked with protecting their companies’ digital realms from invaders to ensure a safe working community.

Advanced threats call for advanced solutions
Advanced threats call for advanced solutions

Just when cyber security professionals figure out how to combat and guard against one type of attack, another stronger malware attacks an unsuspecting — and unprepared — network. Newer, more evolved attacks are designed to skirt antivirus software and firewalls and access a targeted network.